Schedule a Water Use Survey

Through our Conservation Assistance Program (CAP), MMWD will send a water conservation specialist to your home for a FREE water use efficiency survey. Let one of our experts help you identify ways to reduce your water use and your water bill.

To schedule an appointment, complete our online CAP appointment request form or contact our Water Conservation Department at 415-945-1523.
Conservation Assistance Program photo
Each residential consultation includes the following:


  • A personalized history of water consumption at the site by season and discussion of conservation potential.
  • Check for high-efficiency toilets (HETs).
  • Check for high-efficiency showerheads and provide complimentary ones, as necessary.
  • Check faucet flow rates and provide complimentary aerators, as necessary.
  • Inspect toilets, showers, and faucets for leaks.
  • Check for high-efficiency clothes washers.
  • Show customer how to use their water meter to check for leaks and monitor water consumption.


  • Evaluate irrigation system for operating efficiency including leaks, mismatched heads, over-spray, runoff, misting, clogged or blocked emitters, etc.
  • Review irrigation schedule, automatic or manual, with customer and provide recommendations to reduce excessive irrigation.
  • Check for a pressure-regulating valve.
  • Review plant types and mixes, and provide education regarding seasonal plant water requirements and water-efficient landscaping practices, such as hydrozoning.
  • Discuss water-efficient turf management practices at sites with substantial areas of turf.
  • Recommend covers for pools and spas, as necessary.
  • Provide information on Bay-Friendly Gardening practices.

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