Gardens & Landscapes

Outdoor water use accounts for up to half of all water used in the summer. By incorporating some easy and practical tips and watering smarter, we all can use less water and still have beautiful landscaping.

Water Use Surveys

  • Large landscapes: Schedule an irrigation check up for you business, school, or other large landscape.
  • Home gardens: Let MMWD send one of our water conservation experts to your home for a free indoor / outdoor water use consultation.

Marin-Friendly Garden Walk

Receive a free residential garden evaluation from a Marin Master Gardener and get water-wise tips for a beautiful, healthy landscape. Visit the Marin Master Gardeners' website to learn more. Call 415-473-4204 to schedule.


Learn more about our rebate programs, click here.

Weekly Watering Schedule

Not sure how much water your garden needs? Use our Weekly Watering Schedule as a guide.

Water Conservation Requirements

Planning a landscape project? Find information on current water conservation requirements.

Garden Inspiration

Visit our Marin-Friendly Virtual Garden Tour to see how MMWD customers are creating beautiful, environmentally friendly landscapes. Then take a look at our Watershed Approach to Landscaping handbook for even more inspiration and information to help you design and maintain your water-wise garden.

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