Natural Resources: Vegetation

MMWD lands support a startling array of plants, half of all the kinds of plants found in Marin grow on watershed lands, and 15% of California’s flora - in 0.02% of the area! Over 1,000 plant species combine in over 100 vegetation types, including several found nowhere else in the world.

Different aspects, soils, and moisture support communities from grassland and oak woodlands to chaparral, redwood forests, and wetlands. Our seam of serpentinite sustains several special status species seen solely on our slopes.

Plant Life Research Tools

The Bay Area Open Space Council also has an online map system for exploring the diversity of lands in Marin and beyond. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s BIOS viewer has MMWD’s finer scale maps and background reports as well as others throughout the state.

Protecting Our Resources

The plants and animals here face changes in fire, climate, and introduced pests. In 1995 MMWD began implementing a vegetation management plan to reduce fire hazards, restore habitat, protect rare plants, and control invasive pest plants. Now MMWD is replacing that plan with the Biodiversity, Fire & Fuels Integrated Plan (BFFIP).

Other Vegetation Management Reports

Calistoga pincushion plant, in shade of Sargent cypress
Vegetation found on watershed lands picture