Water-Saving Heroes

When the board requested a 25% voluntary water use reduction in January, our customers rose to the challenge! While mandatory rationing is no longer a concern, voluntary conservation continues to be critical this year, particularly during the warm summer months ahead.

Many district customers—including individuals, organizations, and businesses—are doing an outstanding job saving water in both traditional and creative ways. We would like to acknowledge the efforts of these “water‐saving heroes.” 

The goals of our “Water-Saving Heroes” Program are:

  • First and foremost, to recognize customers who are practicing excellent conservation habits;
  • To continue to educate local residents about the perks and ease of conserving water;
  • To Instill a sense of pride and community for those already practicing conservation behaviors.

We are looking for more water-saving heroes to recognize at future board meetings, so if you know a water-saving hero—or if you are one—let us know!

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