Community Gardens

community gardensMarin’s community gardens are growing and thriving. More and more people would like to grow some of their own food, but may not have an appropriate location. Community gardens provide a solution, while building community spirit. Gardening in community also offers important health benefits, including better nutrition and more physical exercise. Children in school gardens benefit similarly, and nearly all schools in Marin now have gardens!

Water-Wise Community Gardens

With good water-efficiency practices, community gardening uses less water than an equivalent amount of planted turf, while growing delicious, fresh food. Mulch, composting, drip irrigation, smart irrigation controllers and monitoring help provide the optimal amount of water for each crop, while reducing leaks and over-watering.

In fall 2016, MMWD launched a year-long Water-Wise Community Gardens pilot program in partnership with University of California Cooperative Extension Marin. The program provided education, rebates and technical support to local community and school gardens to help them become as water efficient as possible. 

Community Gardening Resources

MMWD can support your community or school garden’s water efficiency through our Conservation Assistance Program. For more information, or to schedule your free garden check-up by an MMWD water conservation specialist, call the Water Conservation Department at 415-945-1523 or email

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