Invitation to Apply to Serve on the Marin Municipal Water District's Citizens Advisory Committee on Electric Bicycles

The purpose of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is to provide a citizens' perspective on the potential usage of e-bikes on MMWD’s watershed lands. MMWD will review applications and select members to ensure a diverse array of stakeholders. Applications will not be accepted from individuals with a financial interest in e-bikes. The CAC meetings will be held once a month on weekday evenings.

If you are interested in applying for the e-bike Community Advisory Committee, please fill out this application and return to the District by May 1, 2019. Applications may be submitted via email to ebikes@marinwater.org.

Please mail or deliver applications to:

Marin Municipal Water District
Attention: Shaun Horne
220 Nellen Avenue
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Frequently Asked Questions About Ebikes

Why did MMWD post new signs about ebikes?
The signs were posted in response to trail conflict comments and concerns that MMWD has received in regard to the growing number of ebikes on watershed trails. The signs clarify the existing rules MMWD has in our Land Use Regulations about ebikes.

Are ebikes allowed on MWWD watershed lands?
Currently, no. Since 1987 MMWD has prohibited the use of cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorbikes and similar vehicles on District lands, except for public roads and parking lots (See District Code Section 9.04.01).

In 2011, MMWD amended Section 9.04.01 to clarify that the prohibition on use applied to several new motorized devices, which became commercially available since the adoption of the 1987 ordinance. Specifically, the 2011 amendments provided that motor-driven cycles, motorized bikes, motorized scooters and self-balancing motorized personal transportation vehicles were prohibited on District lands except upon public roads or parking lots.

The purpose of enacting the 2011 amendments was to allow for the management of user groups so as to ensure habitat preservation and traffic/pedestrian safety on the watershed.

What about AB 1096 that states class 1 ebikes are not motor vehicles as defined under State of California statues?
While AB 1096 states class 1 ebikes are not motor vehicles as defined under State of California statues, it also states that public agencies are able to restrict the operation of class 1 ebikes on specified paths or trails.

Will ebikes ever be allowed?
Given the growing popularity of ebikes and the compelling access issues they raise; the board is open to further consideration of its policy. MMWD’s board of directors held a public workshop on ebikes to hear input from the public on December 11, 2018. An update on ebikes was included in the March 21 Watershed Committee meeting agenda. The board will continue to offer opportunities for input.

If you would like to submit a comment to the board regarding ebikes, please email ebikes@marinwater.org.