How is the entitlement determined for an account?
For accounts that were on service prior to 1991, the entitlement is based upon the historical water use for that site or the purchased water entitlement, whichever is greater. For all new accounts, i.e.- where no water meter previously existed for the site, the entitlement equals the amount purchased through connection fees, which are based on calculations performed by MMWD’s Engineering Department. These calculations take many factors into consideration, including the type of use the site will have, i.e.- restaurant vs. retail store, the number of people using the site, such as 20 employees vs. 200 employees, etc.

For new dedicated irrigation accounts, the water entitlement purchased through connection fees is based upon a review of the project's landscape plans in accordance with the district's landscape plan review process.

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1. How is the entitlement determined for an account?
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