Adopted Water Rate Increases - July 1, 2019

Mt. Tam and Bon Tempe ReservoirMMWD raised water rates effective July 1, 2019 to invest in our aging infrastructure, stabilize monthly billing rates, better manage long-term debt, responsibly manage our watershed with an emphasis on reducing wildfire risk, and continue to offer the level of service our customers expect from us. 

Why are the increases needed?

Since 1912, MMWD has provided high-quality, locally sourced water while protecting the crown jewel of Marin—Mt. Tamalpais. As the oldest municipal water district in California, we face significant challenges in maintaining our aging infrastructure, including our treatment plants, storage tanks and pipelines. And as the largest public land manager on Mt. Tam, we face the ongoing challenge of responding to climate change and reducing wildfire risk to help protect our communities.

As a public agency, MMWD is dedicated to controlling rising costs and ensuring that the price of water is affordable for everyone. At the same time, the costs to deliver water, maintain our infrastructure, manage our watershed and protect against fire risk are changing. MMWD is faced with higher prices for everything from electricity, to water treatment chemicals, to wholesale water purchases. We are not alone; utility costs are increasing across California and the country. As costs rise, our rates must rise to recover the cost of providing this vital service.

What rate changes are being adopted?

The rate changes include two main components:

  • An increase to the water use and fixed charges on your bimonthly water bill, averaging a 4% annual revenue increase, to keep pace with inflation and fund MMWD’s ongoing operations and maintenance.
  • A new Capital Maintenance Fee (CMF) based on meter size to fund investments in critical water system projects for clean, reliable water; projects to reduce wildfire risk on Mt. Tam; and may be used to fund debt service on existing and future capital projects.
For complete information, see the Notice of Proposed Water Rate Increases. We are required by Proposition 218 to mail a notice to each parcel in our service area. Customers owning more than one parcel may receive multiple notices. For more information about Prop. 218, click here.

To estimate the impact of the increases for a residential water bill, use our Bill Calculator.

What is the current status of the rate proposal? 

Since September 2017, there have been 18 public meetings that have led to the development of the rate increase proposal. At these meetings, MMWD’s Board of Directors has been evaluating the proposed budget and rates and listening to public comments. (Find meeting agendas and staff reports in the Agenda Center). 

At its meeting on March 19, 2019, the board authorized the mailing of a formal notice to all ratepayers and property owners detailing the proposed increases, and scheduled a public hearing for May 28, 2019. At the public hearing, the board will decide whether to adopt the proposed increases.

Property owners and MMWD water customers have the right to protest the proposed rate increases. For details on how to submit a protest, see the Notice of Proposed Water Rate Increases.

At the May 28, 2019 Rate Hearing, the Bord of Directors votes 5-0 to approve the rate increase proposal. The new rates go into effect July 1, 2019.

Super Water Saver Program

Beginning July 1, 2019 MMWD's new Super Water Saver Program will reward the top 5% of water-conserving, single-family residential customers. Super Water Savers will receive up to an $8 credit on their bimonthly bill. There is no application needed, if you use more than 1 CCF of water, but are in the lowest 5% of water users, the credit will be automatically applied.