Leak Adjustment Policy

Please complete and submit your proof of repair along with the Leak Adjustment Form.

Adjustment of Bills for Loss of Water

Ref: District Code Title 6: Water Service Rates and Charges

(a) The District may, upon written request of a consumer supported by repair bills or other appropriate documentation, adjust such consumer's bill in the case of loss of water due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of such consumer, such as a mechanical malfunction, blind leak, theft of water, vandalism, unexplained water loss or other unusual or emergency conditions. Adjustments shall not be made for faucet leaks.

(b) A determination of whether an adjustment is granted shall be made at the sole discretion of the Finance Manager or his or her designee and shall be final. In making the determination, the District may take into account the cause of water loss, the consumer's opportunity, if any, to detect it, any negligence or fault of the consumer in connection therewith, and the promptness with which the water loss was discovered, stopped and repairs made.

(c) The adjusted consumer's bill shall be calculated as follows:

(1) The District shall credit the customer’s account by one-half of the quantity charge for the excess use subject to the following conditions:

a. The District after investigation shall find all of the following:
(i) The meter was operating accurately;
(ii) There was no evidence that the excessive use was due to the intentional or negligent act of the customer;
(iii) After being notified by the District via billing, letter, door hanger, or by any other means, the customer took prompt and reasonable action to ascertain the cause of the excessive use and to correct it;
(iv) The customer took corrective action within forty-eight hours of discovering or being notified of a leak, pursuant to MMWD Code, Section 13.02.020 (1)(b), and provides the District with proof of repair within thirty days from the billing date for the period in which the water loss occurred.
b. The amount of water loss shall be determined by the District. The average measured quantity delivered during the same billing period or periods in the preceding two years will be used when available and representative of the customer’s normal use.
c. No adjustment shall be made for a charge or a surcharge which is not based on the quantity of water delivered.
d. Water loss adjustments will be limited to two billing periods and will also be limited to one adjustment every thirty-six months. The thirty-six month period begins the first month of the billing period following the last billing period for which the water loss adjustment was prepared. A second water loss by a particular customer would be eligible to substitute for the first adjustment, if the customer so requests during the thirty-six month period. If such an adjustment is requested and it is determined to be eligible, the total adjustment will be equal to the larger of the two leak adjustments in the thirty-six month period after the first adjustment.

(2) The customer shall be responsible for payment of one-half of the calculated water loss at the appropriate tier one rate. Water consumption not subject to the water loss calculation shall be billed at the appropriate tier and tier rate.