Information on New Water Service Connections 

To be eligible for a new water service connection, a property must front an existing water main capable of providing the degree of service requested while maintaining its ability to adequately serve the area. Should we determine that the property does not have frontage, as defined in the district's code, or that the structure to be served is more than 125 feet from a water main, or that the existing facilities are inadequate to provide the service requested, we will require a pipeline extension or upgrade.

In accordance with the district's rules and regulations, each structure to be served must have its own meter. Multiple units within one structure may be served through one meter; however, we recommend that a meter per unit be used wherever possible. We also recommend that irrigation of common landscape areas be achieved through a separate irrigation meter.

Applying For a New Water Service Connection

For a step-by-step guide to the water service application process, please refer to the Water Service Checklist.

To apply for a new water service connection, complete and submit the Project Information Forms (PIF). You may submit the PIF electronically or print and return it to the Engineering Counter at the district offices in Corte Madera.

The PIF will be reviewed by the district’s Engineering, Water Conservation, and Reclamation & Backflow Departments (please allow 7 – 10 business days). The district will then provide all requirements, fees, and forms for the project. Some or all of the following may apply:

  • Meter installation charges: Based on meter size.
  • Connection fees: Applicable to development of vacant property, second units, changes in type of use, etc.
  • Additional deposit for surface restoration: Your local public works department may require additional paving of the roadway beyond MMWD typical surface restoration. Contact your public works department directly to determine if a paving moratorium is in effect for your road.
  • Installation of a backflow prevention assembly: Protects the public water system from contamination (assembly to be purchased from outside source for additional cost). A field inspection may be required.
  • Landscape plan review: Ensures landscape projects meet water conservation standards. Site inspection required.
  • Installation of a graywater recycling system: Reuse the maximum practicable amount of graywater on site. For more information see our graywater requirements sheet.
Once the required fees, forms, and documents have been received by the district, a work order will be issued for installation of the new meter.

If the local planning or building agency requires proof that water is available for a project, the district will provide a letter indicating the availability of water and the conditions that must be met to obtain a water service connection. These letters are valid for a period of 60 days.

The applicant has 120 days from the date of the water service connection application to complete the structure's foundation. If the foundation is not completed within the time specified, the application will become void and all fees and charges, less the cost of abandoning the service, if installed, will be refunded to the owners of record of the property, or their designee.

Each application for a water service connection applies only to the parcel of land for which it was applied and may not be transferred to any other parcel of land. Under special circumstances, the district, at its discretion, may allow the transfer of water entitlements from one parcel of land to another; however, each request will be considered on its own merits.

Dedicated Irrigation Meters for Commercial Properties

Commercial customers who wish to install a new dedicated irrigation meter will need to complete and pass the district’s landscape plan review process before the district will accept payment of the installation and connection fees.