Fees & Costs

Connection Fees

Connection fees are one-time charges for new customers wishing to connect to the district’s water system, and for existing customers who want to increase their existing allotment. The fee reflects the estimated reasonable cost of capacity used to meet the demand. Connection fees may apply to new developments, changes in use (e.g., from office to restaurant), when adding additional living units, and when there is excessive water consumption.

The annual consumption for residential use is based on the area average of the neighborhood where the unit(s) are to be built. All other uses, such as business, industrial, agricultural, or institutional uses, are based on consumption estimates done by the district or information provided by the applicant.

The amount of water purchased at the time of application, based on consumption estimates, becomes the water entitlement for the property. If we determine at a later date that actual consumption is exceeding the entitlement, additional connection fees will be assessed to increase the property's entitlement, or the consumption will have to be reduced to the level consistent with the existing entitlement.

All water purchases are subject to the fees in effect at the time of the purchase. Therefore, it is very important that the information requested by, and submitted to, the district be as accurate as possible.

Schedule of Rates, Fees and Charges

Effective July 1, the district has updated the schedule of rates, fees, and charges for water meters, service installations, meter installations, meter relocations, valve and tap services, and administrative charges. To view the current Schedule of Rates, Fees and Charges, click here.

For more information, contact our Engineering Department at 415.945.1530, or email engineeringservices@marinwater.org

Additional Potential Costs to the Customer

In addition to the fees, a customer may incur other costs when installing a new water service or when increasing the size of an existing water meter:

Installation of a backflow prevention assembly: costs associated with purchasing/installing required backflow prevention device.

Landscape plan review: costs associated with hiring a landscape architect to prepare and submit materials to comply with the landscape plan review process.

Installation of high-efficiency water-using fixtures: costs to ensure fixtures (i.e., toilets, urinals, dishwashers, etc.) meet water conservation standards.