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Welcome to our blog! Written by staff at MMWD, “Think Blue Marin” explores all things water in south and central Marin—water supplies, conservation, new projects, watershed management, and more.

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Feb 17

Salvaged Kent Lake Redwood Logs Help Fish Habitats

Posted on February 17, 2016 at 3:15 PM by Emma Detwiler

Written by Carl Sanders, Watershed Maintenance Supervisor

As the waterline rose on Kent Lake, redwood logs and other woody debris that once sat high and dry along the shoreline entered the water and have overwhelmed the large floating boom that typically captures such debris.

In an effort to prevent the dam and spillway from being inundated with debris, MMWD crews have been working over the past few weeks to pull debris and redwood logs away from the spillway and out of Kent Lake.

The redwood logs are not going to waste, however. The so-called "fish logs" are carefully selected and harvested out of the debris to be used for fisheries restoration projects in Lagunitas Creek, downstream of Kent Lake.

The "fish logs" help to scour the stream bed to create deep pools and shaded areas in the summer that keep the pool water cool. In the winter the logs calm backwater areas where fish can take refuge during storms. The log structures also catch smaller debris to provide cover and hiding places for fish from predators.

It's a win-win when two areas of the watershed can be improved at once.

Logs ready to be harvested. Photo by Carl Sanders


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