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Dec 23

Series of Storms Raise Storage Levels

Posted on December 23, 2014 at 11:17 AM by Ann Vallee

 Kent Lake spillway
The top of the spillway at Kent Lake, the final reservoir to fill.
The nearly constant rain of the last three weeks has resulted in all seven MMWD reservoirs filling to capacity as of December 22. The last time the reservoirs reached capacity was January 2013. Rainfall for the period December 1-22 is 23.22 inches, more than double the 9.61-inch average for the entire month of December.

Here are the current water statistics:

Reservoir Levels: As of December 22, reservoir storage is 79,566 acre-feet, or 100% of capacity. The average for this date is 56,065 acre-feet, or 70% of capacity.  

Rainfall: Rainfall this year to date (July 1- December 22) is 31.22 inches. Average for the same period is 16.26 inches; last year on this date we had 3.79 inches.

Water Use: Water use for the week of December 15-21 averaged 14.78 million gallons per day, compared to 19.88 million gallons per day for the same week last year.

Creek Releases: During the month of November 2014 MMWD released 330 million gallons, or 1,012 acre-feet, into Lagunitas and Walker creeks in west Marin for habitat enhancement.  

Water use and reservoir figures are updated weekly and can be found on our Water Watch page.

*One acre-foot is 325,851 gallons


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