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Jun 05

MMWD Prepares for Fire Season

Posted on June 5, 2015 at 12:13 PM by Emma Detwiler

Submitted by Brett Pedisich, MMWD Park Ranger

As we make the inevitable transition from the early morning fog and cool evening breeze of spring to the long, hot days of summer, we begin the yearly process on the watershed of preparing for fire season.

Watershed Maintenance staff and Rangers alike participate in monthly wildfire training sessions priming our crews and outfitting our vehicles to take on the great “what if” circumstance of a fire on Mt. Tamalpais. 

As it is the responsibility of every wildfire-trained individual on staff to understand how to operate our watershed fire engine and water tender, Ranger Matt Cerkel and Maintenance Workers Darrell Nickerson and Kevin Cook lead an 8-hour refresher course on the tactics, techniques, and fire line safety requirements of fighting a wildfire. 

As you begin to see the afternoon temperatures touch 80 degrees and continue to rise, take solace knowing that your watershed staff is taking all the necessary means to get ready for fire season and prepare for the “big one” on Mt. Tam.

 Sky Oaks Fire Training4
 MMWD Staff Participating in the Wildfire Training


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