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Posted on: December 13, 2017

MMWD Surpasses $100 Million Investment in Fire Flow Improvements

Tib 12-inch main V5

The Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) has invested over $100M to increase our water distribution system’s ability to provide water for fire protection and to strengthen the system in the event of an earthquake.

Fire flow is the term firefighters use to describe how much water can be delivered by a water system through one or more hydrants to fight a fire. Fire flow is determined by a pipe's size, pressure and internal condition. To meet fire flow standards, a water distribution system must be able to deliver large amounts of water in a short period of time.

A first ever Fire Flow Master Plan (FFMP) for making fire flow improvements in Marin began following voter approval in 1996. Voters agreed to pay an annual $75 parcel fee for 15 years. Recognizing the importance of improving fire flow, MMWD’s Board of Directors extended the program (now called the Fire Flow Improvement Program or FFIP) in May 2012 for an additional nineteen years (2012-2031). 

MMWD has been working to implement the FFIP with the help of local fire officials, city managers and public works directors. This team reports regularly to city and county elected officials, whose joint efforts led to development of the FFIP.

Through June 30, 2017, the District has invested a total of $101.4M in support of the FFMP and the FFIP. The work completed includes replacement of over 85 miles of pipeline throughout our service area as well as various seismic improvements at the treatment plants, transmission tanks and pump stations. In 2017-18 we anticipate investing $5.8M to replace approximately 20,680 feet of fire flow deficient pipe.

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