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Posted on: September 16, 2019

New Rates in Effect

New Rates in Effect
The Marin Municipal Water District recently raised water rates to continue to provide high-quality water to our customers. The new rates will fund critical improvements to our aging pipelines and ensure the protection of 22,000 acres of watershed on Mt. Tam, and its trails, parks, and reservoirs.

The new rates took effect July 1, 2019, and include two components: an increase to water use and fixed charges, and a new Capital Maintenance Fee (CMF), which is based on meter size.

Your Bill
For customers, the increase on your bill depends on water use and on the size of your meter. Customers will begin seeing the new rates prorated on their bill beginning July 1, 2019. MMWD sends bills on a bi-monthly basis, so your bill covers two months of water usage. What does that mean for your bill? The average residential customer (using about 12,700 gallons for the two-month period) paying $115.76 will see a rate increase of $5.42 on their bill for two months of water usage. In addition, the new Capital Maintenance Fee will add $13.63 per month to your bill, or $27.26 for the two-month billing cycle, based on a 5/8-inch meter size, which is the typical size for nearly 75 percent of Marin Municipal Water District’s residential customers. Homes and businesses with larger meter sizes will pay a higher fee. Learn about your meter size here

Why am I paying a Capital Maintenance Fee?
The Marin Water District has a rich history, and we are proud to be California’s oldest water district. That 107-year history also means we have some of the state’s oldest pipelines and water tanks that need attention. The Capital Maintenance Fee provides critical funding to replace or upgrade our pipelines that deliver clean, high-quality water to nearly 200,000 Marin customers 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Investing in our water delivery system today will help prevent costly main breaks and service disruptions in to future, and will help us deliver on our commitment to provide fresh, high-quality water for generations to come.

The Capital Maintenance Fee is based on the size of your meter, and larger meters will see higher fees. About 95 percent of our customers have meters that are 1 inch or smaller.  
Sometimes your water meter may be larger, due to reasons not directly related to water consumption or requirements beyond your control, such as the need for indoor fire sprinklers or additional water pressure for hillside homes. You can apply for a CMF fee adjustment  to see if you qualify to lower your bill. If you don’t have sprinklers or special requirements, and you would like to see if you can reduce your meter size to lower your rate, you can use this meter reduction worksheet to see if you qualify for a smaller meter.

Reducing your water bill
There are a variety of ways to help reduce your water bill. Our new Super Water Saver Program will reward the top 5 percent of water-conserving, single-family residential customers with a credit on their bimonthly bill. There is no application needed, the credit will be automatically applied.

We also offer discounts for lower-income customers, or customers with medical disabilities. Learn if you qualify for these programs here.

For help or for questions about your bill, contact us at or call 415-945-1400.

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