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Alpine/Bon Tempe Raw Water Transfer PRP Job No D20027

Bid Details

Bid Number:
CN 1933

This contract is for furnishing labor, material and equipment for the installation of approximately 300 linear feet of 24-inch pipe with valves, fittings, pipe disinfection and appurtenances.  

Contract Duration: 123 days

Engineer's Estimate: $170,000 (Construction Contract)

Bid Category:
Bid Open?:
Bid Date:
Bid Closing Date:
Bid Fee:
$50.00 + S&H
Bid Contact

Zak Talbott


Bid Plan and Specification

Copies of the contract document, specifications and drawings may be obtained by logging on to or by calling BPX Printing at 510.559.8299.

These items may be obtained at a set price of $50.00, plus shipping, and is non-refundable

Business Hours
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Fax Number: 415.927.495

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