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1. What changes are being proposed?
2. Why is my water bill increasing?
3. I'm using less water, so why do I pay more?
4. What is the Capital Maintenance Fee (CMF)?
5. Why is the District proposing the CMF?
6. Why is the CMF based on meter size?
7. What if I am required to have a larger meter for a sprinkler system?
8. How are District projects managed to assure customers are getting the best value?
9. How can customers be assured that the District’s financial management is sound?
10. What is the range of salaries for MMWD employees?
11. What steps is MMWD taking to control expenses?
12. Where does my water come from?
13. What if I can't afford to pay my water bill under this new rate structure?
14. How can I participate in the rate proposal process?
15. How do I protest the proposed rates?
16. Haven’t we been investing in our infrastructure continuously over the years? Why is an increase needed now?
17. What is the Super Saver Credit Program?
18. Did you have public participation in developing the rate increase proposal?