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10-Year Financial Plan

Lagunitas Creek with a rocky shore

Planning For Our Future

Your water is essential. At Marin Water, our job is to deliver safe, high-quality water to your tap 24/7. That means making sure our water system—pipes, storage tanks, pump stations, treatment plants, equipment, our watershed, and our overall operations—are up to the challenge.

To help us plan for our future, we are developing a 10-year financial plan that looks at our challenges and our opportunities.

Community engagement is an important part of our process of developing a 10-year Financial Plan. In order to provide information about the district's capital investments and operational needs, and gather feedback from the community, Marin Water will host a series of workshops, webinars and virtual meetings.

We invite you to participate. Sign-up to receive information about our workshops, webinars and other district news. Together, we can plan for a secure water future.

Workshop 2 - March 23, 2021 - Scenario Development

  • Based on information and feedback from previous workshops, we will provide a range of initial scenarios for capital and operating investments. 
  • Zoom link

Workshop 1B - January 13, 2021 - Building Blocks of the Financial Plan 

  • Discussion of asset classes, operating programs and levels of investment continues with a focus on the district's pipelines, pump stations, watershed, facilities and capital equipment.
  • PowerPoint Presentation

Workshop 1A - December 17, 2020 - Building Blocks of the Financial Plan

  • Introduction of asset classes, operating programs and levels of investment with a focus on storage tanks, water supply, and treatment plants.
  • PowerPoint Presentation