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School Field Trip Presentation on the Watershed

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person educational programs are currently on hold. We hope to resume these programs soon.

In the meantime, Marin Water is pleased to offer free resources and a distance learning program to explore the wonders of water.

We have partnered with ZunZun, an award-winning performing arts group specializing in environmental education, to deliver a fun, engaging and educational online program that teaches children about water. Download The Water Beat Book for kids, which includes games, stories, songs, pictures, and rhymes celebrating our connection to water, and watch the accompanying YouTube video to learn water science through music and movement.

Partner with us in this hands-on learning experience that teaches students in grades K through12 the importance of a clean habitat and caring for our natural resources. Through the process of hatching trout eggs and releasing fish into our watershed streams, students learn what animals need to survive, how nature relies on us all to care four our environment, and the role they can play to make this happen. Teachers complete a workshop in December and receive financial and volunteer assistance through North Bay Trout Unlimited, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Marin Water, One Tam, and AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project. For information, visit the classroom aquarium website or email Ethan Rotman, California Department of Fish and Wildlife. (Please note that during COVID-19, this program is temporarily on hold.) 

Marin Water Poster

Teach your students about where their water comes from and how they can help conserve this precious resource. This fun and colorful illustrated 36” x 24” poster depicts Marin Water’s watershed, reservoirs and treatment plants, as well as the people, plants and animals who share our water supply. To request a free copy for your classroom, contact us at 415.945.1438 or

Marin Watershed Illustrated Poster


Watershed Bingo Cards / Loteria! Del Monte Tamalpais

Engage students and teachers alike with our Mt. Tamalpais Watershed Bingo Cards. Each card is available in Spanish and English.

Lesson Plan: Build a Watershed Model