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New Water Use Limits and Penalties

To encourage water conservation, Marin Water established limits on water use for single-family and dedicated irrigation meter customers. The water use limits and penalties will be applied to water use beginning December 1. Because Marin Water uses a two-month billing cycle, customers will begin seeing penalties on their February bills.

Conserving water is critical to address the drought emergency we are facing and customers are encouraged to continue using as little water as possible. Marin Water’s goal with the newly adopted water use limits and penalties is to help encourage the maximum amount of water conservation.

Marin Water uses a measure called a CCF to bill for water use. One CCF is equal to 748 gallons. Any water use over the established limit will result in penalties ranging from $5 to $15 for every CCF (748 gallons) used.

For more information about how water bills are calculated, click here.

Single-Family Customers: Winter Water Use (December - May)

Water use above Tier 1 will result in a $5 penalty. Assuming a 4-person household, this allows for 65 gallons of water per person, per day. For households with more than four people, an adjustment is allowed that would allocate 50 gallons per day for each additional resident. Any water use above Tier 2 will be assessed a $10 penalty, and water use above Tier 3 will result in a $15 penalty.

To calculate potential penalties use our Penalty Rate Calculator.

For each full-time household resident, in excess of four, the District will increase the limits on water use by four CCFs per bimonthly billing period. If your single-family household has more than 4 full-time residents use our Occupancy Adjustment Form to let us know.

Dedicated Irrigation Meter Customers: Winter Water Use (December - May)

Any water use in Tiers 1, 2 and 3 will be penalized. For water use in Tier 1, the penalty is $5 per CCF. Tier 2 water use will result in a $10 penalty per CCF, and Tier 3 water use will result in a $15 per CCF.

Customers may contact Marin Water’s Customer Service department with any questions at 415-945-1455, or email