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2021 Corrosion Test Station Rehabilitation Project - JOB NO D21020

Bid Details

Bid Number:
CN 1947

DESCRIPTION: This contract is for furnishing all labor, equipment and those materials not furnished by the District required for rehabilitating corrosion test stations, installing magnesium anodes and underground cathodic protection tracer wire.

AWARD DATE: July 20, 2021


ENGINEERS ESTIMATE: $ 100,000 (Construction Contract)

Bid Category:
Bid Open?:
Bid Date:
Bid Closing Date:
Bid Fee:
$50.00 + Shipping
Bid Contact

Jake Miller, (415) 945-1580

Bid Plan and Specification

Copies of the Contract document, specifications may be obtained by logging on to or by calling BPX Printing at 510-559-8299. These items may obtained at a set price of $50.00, plus shipping, and is non-refundable.  All bidders must purchase a complete bid set from the BPX Printing prior to bid opening in order to be considered responsive and to receive addenda notifications and provide a receipt with bid documents.

Business Hours
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Special Requirements

CMG – No MTO is required for this project. Please contact Austin Smith for anode purchase order status.


Fax Number: 415.927.495

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