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Preparing for a PG&E Power Shutoff

Preparing for a PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) by planning ahead and reducing water use during a power outage is key.

Before a power shutoff, store at least a three-day emergency supply of water of two gallons per person, per day. Remember to include extra water for those with special needs and for pets.

During the power shutoff, please do not use water for irrigation or other outdoor uses, and use your indoor water supply wisely. Conserving water reduces the demand on the district’s backup generators and ensures there is an ample supply for firefighting, drinking water, and other essential needs.

Marin Water, which uses electricity to power treatment plants and pump stations, has planned and prepared for the PG&E power shutoffs. Backup generators are ready to power treatment plants, and a fleet of portable generators will be deployed in Marin as needed to power pump stations. The water district has also secured the necessary fuel and other supplies, and has planned for staff to monitor generators and respond to any field conditions.

We’re here to make sure your water service is uninterrupted during an emergency. Learn more about what to do before, during and after a PSPS outage here.