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Recycled Water Fill Station

Recycled water filling station hoses

Recycled Water Filling Station for Marin County Residents

The recycled water filling station is located at Armory Drive in San Rafael, and allows Marin County residents to collect up to 300 gallons of recycled water to transport home to use for watering outdoor gardens and landscapes or for washing outdoor furniture or hard surfaces such as paths, walls, windows, driveways and sidewalks.

With the onset of seasonal rainfall and continued cooler temperatures, the Recycled Water Filling Station has closed for the season to correspond to lower demand for supplemental irrigation. 

Reminder! Now is the time to turn off any outdoor irrigation system.

If you also utilize an irrigation system on your property, it is time to shut it off through the winter. Review the shut-off checklist below for some helpful reminders when completing this step!

• Clean drip filters to leave the system clean over the winter.

• Set the irrigation controller to the OFF setting.

• Turn off water to the irrigation system at the main valve to prevent leaks due to valve failure.

*Note: Water plants only as needed during extended dry periods.

    First time customer to the filling station?

    If you're planning to utilize the filling station for the first time, please print and complete the Filling Station application form and bring it with you on your first visit. You will then be issued an ID card to present at the filling station on subsequent visits. You may also obtain an application at the filling station.

    Recycled water is exempt from the district's current water use restrictions

    Filling Station Location

    The district's Recycled Water Filling Station is located at Armory Drive (near Civic Center) San Rafael, CA




    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is recycled water?

    Recycled water is highly-treated wastewater that is safe to use for irrigation and other outdoor uses. Recycled water is not intended for drinking or cooking. Recycled water must meet strict standards set by the California State Water Resources Control Board.

    What can I use recycled water for?

    You can use recycled water outdoors to water your trees, gardens, vegetables and lawn. You can also use recycled water to wash your outdoor furniture or other hard surfaces such as paths, walls, windows, driveways and sidewalks.

    Can I water my plants with recycled water?

    Yes, all plants can be watered with recycled water. This includes edible plants such as fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. Just remember to wash all fruits, vegetables and herbs with drinking water prior to consumption. Recycled water tends to have a higher salt content than drinking water, so we advise that you water the roots of the plants instead of the foliage to protect against leaf burn.

    What can I NOT use recycled water for?

    Recycled water CANNOT be used for: drinking, cooking (or use in the kitchen), bathing or showering, filling swimming pools or spas, children’s water toys, or hooking into household plumbing systems.

    How much will recycled water cost me?

    Nothing. It’s free to pick up!

    How much recycled water can I pick up?

    Marin County residents will be able to pick up a maximum of 300 gallons of recycled water per trip to the fill station. If you would like to pick up more than 300 gallons per trip, you will need to apply for a permit under Marin Water’s commercial truck hauling program.

    How do I transport recycled water?

    Recycled water must be picked up in sealable containers that hold at least 5 gallons per container. Recycled water cannot be picked up in coolers or ice chests, trash cans, or storage bins. If you are using a rain barrel, it must be sealable and cannot have a mesh opening.

    Water is heavy! A gallon of water weighs just over 8 pounds. Please plan accordingly when determining how much water to pick up, and keep in mind the size of your vehicle when selecting your transport containers.

    Please note that Marin Water is not liable for any injuries or damage to your vehicle due to your participation in the Recycled Water Filling Station program. We recommend tie-down straps to secure the containers for your safety.

    Do water use restrictions apply to recycled water?

    No. Water use restrictions do not apply to recycled water.

    How can I receive recycled water if I am unable to pick it up at the fill station?

    Residents and businesses can hire a permitted recycled water hauler to deliver recycled water. Customers may refer to our list of permitted haulers that are available for delivery of recycled water. Residents and businesses must contact to receive training and fill out a User Agreement Form.


    Request Your Recycled Water Yard Sign

    If you are using recycled water for irrigation at your home or business, request a yard sign by calling 415.945.1488 or emailing Yard signs will also be available for pick up at the recycled water filling station.