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3rd Street Pipeline Replacement Project

Construction Update

Marin Water is working to replace more than a mile of 8-, 6- and 4-inche welded steel pipe along San Rafael's 3rd Street. This project will update 6-inch pipe originally installed in 1926, ensuring reliable water delivery for decades to come! 

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Marin Water continues to work with the City of San Rafael through the city's 3rd Street Rehabilitation Project in an effort to shorten the project schedule and reduce inconvenience for residents. The full 6,570 feet of new pipeline, including 54 water service laterals, is expected to be complete in September 2022. 

Project Update (June 6, 2022)

The District continues to make excellent progress on this critical pipeline replacement project. Marin Water's contractor is continuing night work on 3rd Street between Lincoln Avenue and Irwin Street, and from San Rafael High School to Mary Street. The majority of water distribution facilities west of Lincoln Avenue have been installed. Work on the 3rd Street Pipeline Replacement is expected to be complete in the fall.

Contact Information

Marin Water Pipeline Replacement Project:
  • Phone: Marin Water Construction Management team, 415-945-1560

Project 3rd Street Pipeline Replacement Project 
Program A1A02A Replacements - Distribution Pipelines 
Project Number D17026
Contact Jake Miller | 
Map of 3rd street pipeline replacement project
Cutout down the middle of 3rd Street

Project Description 

Installation of up to 6,570-feet of new 8-inch, 6-inch and 4-inch welded steel pipe along 3rd Street from San Rafael High School to Hayes Street to replace vulnerable and dated 6” CI pipe from 1926 in San Rafael. This is a joint project with the City of San Rafael’s 3rd Street Rehabilitation Project. 


The benefit of this project is to replace over one mile of 95-year-old 6-inch cast iron pipe on the high traffic 3rd Street in downtown San Rafael in coordination with the City of San Rafael’s 3rd Street Rehabilitation Project to minimize inconvenience to the public and shorten the project schedule.  

Schedule and Status

Planning: Summer 2017 - Spring 2021

Design: Spring 2021 - Winter 2021/22

Construction: Winter 2021/22 - Winter 2022/23

Expenditure Schedule

Actuals Through 
FY 21 
FY 22 
FY 23 

Funding Sources 

Capital Maintenance Fund 
Other Funding Sources