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Who We Are

Sunset on a reservoir

About the District

Chartered on April 25, 1912, the Marin Municipal Water District is the first municipal water district in California. Prior to that, water in central and southern Marin had been provided by several small, private companies, many of them subsidiaries to local real estate developers. Recognizing the critical importance of reliable water service, the community came together to create a publicly owned and managed water system. Our proud history is what drives our work, and it is at the heart of our mission. Today, we provide local water service to more than 191,000 people in central and southern Marin. 

Visit the following resources to more about the District's history, water supply, and the source of your water: 

Mission Statement

Marin Water manages the lands, water, and facilities in our trust to provide reliable, high-quality water and adapt and sustain these precious resources for the future.

Vision Statement

Marin Water is a leader in water and natural resource management and addressing the complexities of a changing environment. 


Marin Water is dedicated to serving customers and the community by upholding these core values: 

  • Health and Safety. We are committed to the health and safety of our colleagues and community. 
  • Stewardship. We recognize the essential connection between people and natural resources and manage our lands and facilities for sustained benefits now and in the future. 
  • Innovation. We strive for excellence and innovation in managing water and watersheds. 
  • Efficiency and Responsiveness. We value efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and timely service in our work with customers and communities. 
  • Accountability. We operate with the highest levels of individual and organizational accountability to each other and the community. 
  • Respect. We maintain a welcoming environment that embraces differences and offers respect, dignity, and fairness for all people and partners. 
  • Listening and Learning. We enhance ourselves and the organization by listening to others, reflecting on our performance, sharing knowledge with others, and making informed decisions. 
  • One Water Team. We work together to anticipate the challenges ahead and achieve our mission.

Strategic Plan

Marin Water’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, outlines the organizational goals and objectives the District intends to accomplish over the next five years, 2024-2028. Meant to guide the work of all District departments and staff, the plan has five key goal areas: Reliable Water Supply, Resilient Water System, Watershed Stewardship, Fiscal Responsibility, and Organizational Excellence. Under each goal, there are five-year objectives, each with associated action items that the District will work to achieve by 2028. These goals and objectives also include 113 actions that represent the best understanding today of the actions needed to advance the goals and objectives. Planning, managing, and reporting for each goal will be accomplished through annual work plans.

Download a copy of Marin Water's Five-Year Strategic Plan or view it below.