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Water Watch

Clear water wave

Water Watch

About 75% of the District's water supply originates from rainfall on our Mt. Tamalpais watershed and in the grassy hills of west Marin, flowing into the District’s seven reservoirs. 

The District also supplements its supply with water from the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA), which comes from the Russian River system in Sonoma County. The Russian River water supply originates from rainfall that flows into Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino.

Learn more about our water supply, reservoir levels, and recent rainfall in the tables below. 

Week Ending Average Million
Gallons Per Day
2/01/2023 13.98
Same Week in 2022 13.85
Supply Source:  
          Reservoirs 11.95
          Same Week in 2022 4.18
          Russian River 2.03
          Same Week in 2022 9.67


Rainfall at Lake Lagunitas (average annual rainfall is 52.65 inches) Inches
7/01/2022 - 2/01/2023 45.19
Same period last year 43.16
Average year-to-date 30.44
Rainfall for last 24 hours 0.00

For daily rainfall totals for this fiscal year to date, please refer to Rainfall & Reservoir Data - Current Fiscal Year.

Current rainfall (45.19 inches) is 148.46% of the average rainfall (30.44 inches) for this date.

Reservoir Storage

Alpine, Bon Tempe, Kent, Lagunitas, Nicasio, Phoenix & Soulajule Reservoirs
(total capacity 79,566 acre-feet)
Acre-feet % of Capacity
Storage as of 2/01/2023 79,425 99.82%
Storage for this date last year 76,071 95.61%
Average storage for this date 66,189 83.19%

Current storage (79,425 AF) is 119.99% of the average storage (66,189 AF) for this date.