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Water Supply Resiliency


Strategic Water Supply Assessment

Improving our water supply security to address the impacts of climate change

Severe conditions brought on by the drought over the last several years have intensified the district’s focus on augmenting its water supply. The District is currently conducting a Strategic Water Supply Assessment intended to evaluate the Districts current baseline water supply in the context of climate-change-driven droughts and to evaluate the impact of potential future water management alternatives that could improve the District’s long term water supply resiliency. These efforts will help the district ultimately determine which options are viable, affordable, and make the most sense for our community and the region. This webpage will be periodically updated as there is new information to share.

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Message from Our Board President

Read this letter from President Larry Russell which outlines the District’s commitment to improving water supply resiliency to address climate change.

Read Letter

Public Meetings & Community Workshops

Date Forum Agenda, Documents, Meeting Recordings
Feb. 1, 2022 Board of Director's Regular Meeting
(Item 9 - Water Supply Assessment)
Watch meeting recording and
view meeting documents
March 9, 2022 Community Workshop - Introduction to project, review of scope of work, objectives, and public Q&A Watch meeting recording and
view meeting documents
April 26, 2022 Board of Director's Special Meeting - Working Session for Strategic Water Supply Assessment - Review of assessment goals Watch meeting recording and
view meeting documents
May 10, 2022 Board of Director's Special Meeting - Working Session for Strategic Water Supply Assessment Participate and view
meeting documents

Strategic Assessment

The District has initiated a strategic assessment of various water supply projects that could supplement community needs in times of future shortages. The effort is intended to:

  1. Build on extensive previous water supply planning efforts and incorporate new options
  2. Evaluate current risk to District’s water delivery reliability under recent and future extended drought scenarios
  3. Determine a timeline for developing alternative water supplies to maintain resiliency

About Our Water Supply & Usage

The district provides 100 percent locally sourced drinking water to its 191,000 customers. A total of 75 percent of that water supply is captured and stored in the district’s seven reservoirs, which include Phoenix, Lagunitas, Bon Tempe, Alpine and Kent on Mt. Tamalpais, and Nicasio and Soulajule in west Marin. Together, these reservoirs hold 79,566 acre-feet of water, or about 30 billion gallons. The remaining 25 percent of our water supply comes from neighboring Sonoma County’s Russian River water system.

A Note about Water Conservation

While this web page is dedicated to augmenting the district’s water supply, in tandem, the district is also working toward long-term customer conservation programs and policies that focus on areas where it is most reasonable and impactful to reduce water waste that places higher demand on the system.

Learn More About Those Efforts