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Home Water Saving Guidance

Image of a dripping faucet with the text: Reduce your water use, reduce your bi-monthly bill

Improve your homes' water efficiency! On this page, find water-saving tips, rebate programs, guidance for detecting leaks and information on how to obtain free water-saving fixtures. Plus learn how to schedule a home consultation with one of our staff to help you find ways to reduce both indoor and outdoor water waste and troubleshoot high water bills.

Business customers should refer to Business Water Savings Guidance.

Easy Ways To Reduce Water Waste:

Find and fix every leak you can promptly. Leaks waste large volumes of water daily. 

Periodically inspect your irrigation lines and fittings. 

Use our Weekly Watering Schedule during the watering season to help with efficient irrigation.

Make sure you have water-efficient nozzles and fixtures. Marin Water offers customers water-saving fixtures free of charge.

Shorten showers. Email us for a free shower timer at

Run washers and dishwashers only when you have full loads.

Replace washing machines with water-saving high-efficiency models.

Turn the water off while brushing your teeth.

Capture and reuse the water from your shower as you wait for water to get warm.

For pool owners  read the EPA WaterSense Jump Into Pool Water Efficiency Guidance for pool design considerations, improvements, and maintenance practices to help you save water while getting the most out of your pool. 

Explore the options below for home water saving guidance, programs and resources: