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Detecting Water Leaks

If you know you have a leak, such as a dripping faucet, it is important to get it fixed promptly. Even a small leak can lead to a dramatic increase in water usage and have a big impact on your water bill. Some common household leaks are not so obvious, such as within your toilet tank or irrigation system.

Suspect you might have a hidden leak? The good news is that many leaks are easy to fix – but first you have to find them. Check out summary guidance on this page and download our leak detective brochure to learn more.

Get to know your water meter a trusted advisor in detecting leaks

Your water meter is an important conservation tool. It not only measures the water you use, but it can tell you if there is a leak. Learn how to read your meter to carefully monitor changes in your water use. If you need help finding the exact location of your water meter, contact the Engineering Records Department at 415.945.1530.

Track and reduce your water use

Marin Water offers a discount on the Flume smart home water monitor, an easy to install device that straps on to most existing water meters and can help notify you of leaks or high water use in real time over a Wi-Fi connection. 

For customers in the District’s Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI) pilot program, don’t forget you can register with EyeOnWater for online access to monitor water use and setup leak alerts.

Request a billing adjustment for loss of water

If you discover a leak and repair it promptly, you may be eligible to request a billing adjustment for loss of water.

Leaks in your home or in the street

Your water service begins at your water meter. A service line, or pipe, runs from the water main in your street to your home via your water meter. The service line leading to your property is owned and maintained by Marin Water, as is the water meter. The pipe that runs from the meter to your home belongs to you and is your responsibility.