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Customer Success Stories

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Whether it be concerns about water supply reliability and climate change, a desire to help steward the environment or a simple quest to save money, there are a variety of reasons to reduce household water use. As some of the top water savers in the state during the 2020-22 drought, Marin Water customers are no strangers to finding ways to use water more sustainably. In an effort to highlight water efficiency achievements and provide a window into achievable water savings for others, we're sharing selected customer success stories. 

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Customer Stories

Read on to find out how small changes can make big impacts on water usage, and why some water efficiency steps that may seem intimidating are actually easier to implement than they might appear:

Technology helps finds mystery leak

Anne, from San Anselmo, used the discounted Flume Smart Home Water Monitor to pinpoint leaks and reduce her water usage.

Research & DIY work cuts water use, costs

Chris, from Tiburon, cut his outdoor watering by half thanks to Marin Water's Weekly Watering Schedule and some low-cost fixes to his irrigation system.