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Landscape Plan Review

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Marin Water has developed water conservation requirements for landscape professionals and homeowners when designing and installing landscapes and irrigation systems. Our water efficiency team is ready to help.

Getting Started

We recommend that all residential and business customers developing a project with landscaping or irrigation changes contact us prior to the project’s design phase. As water conservation efforts and irrigation management practices evolve, the district will continue developing programs and policies that recognize new practices and technologies that result in the efficient use of water.

Landscape Projects Affected By These Requirements

Plan review requirements apply to all new construction and rehabilitated (renovations or changes made to sites with an existing irrigation system) landscape projects requiring a building permit, plan check, or design review. This includes:

  • New construction projects with an aggregate landscape area equal to or greater than 500 square feet
  • Rehabilitated landscape projects with an aggregate landscape area equal to or greater than 1,000 square feet
  • Any new construction project with an aggregate landscape area of less than 500 square feet, or any rehabilitated landscape project with an aggregate landscape area of less than 1,000 square feet shall comply with the performance requirements of the ordinance or conform to the Prescriptive Compliance Option (see Page 12 of the Landscape Plan Review Packet).

Responsibilities of the Landscape Professional or Homeowner

  • Download the Landscape Plan Review Packet.
  • Download the Excel worksheet for calculating your landscape's water requirements.
  • Complete the pre-installation checklist and project data sheet. 
  • Review the district's backflow prevention specifications. 
  • Ensure all required elements can be found on the landscaping plans. 
  • Email the completed project data sheet, pre-installation checklist, Excel worksheet, and landscape plans to Marin Water staff at
  • Install the project according to the stamped and approved plans. 
  • Submit a completed Certificate of Completion form and a landscape audit report as outlined in the Landscape Plan Review Packet. 

Responsibilities of Marin Water

Review the plans to verify compliance with all requirements.

  • Schedule a field inspection with the landscape agent or homeowner after receiving the Certificate of Completion form to certify that the installation was completed according to the approved plans.

Please Note: Marin Water requires all plans and forms be submitted electronically in PDF format. Please email your plans and all applicable forms to the Water Conservation Department for review. Email or call 415.945.1497 with any questions. 

Marin Water's Board of Directors adopted Ordinance No. 429, which requires applicants for new water service and applicants requesting an enlarged water service for substantial residential or commercial remodels to install a graywater recycling system to reuse the maximum practicable amount of graywater on site. As part of this requirement, applicants are required to complete the Graywater Compliance section of the Project Information Form

The new requirement supports the district's ongoing efforts to reduce demand on the potable water supply during the drought and beyond. For more information about the requirement, please see the documents below or contact Water Efficiency at 415.945.1520.