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Water Rules

phoenix low water level

The goal of the mandatory restrictions is to achieve a 40 percent reduction in water use district-wide. We are monitoring drought conditions carefully and additional restrictions will be added as needed. 

Water Use Limits and Penalties Effective December 1st

  • Beginning December 1, residential water use above Tier 1 will be subject to penalties. Learn more.

Water Use Restrictions 

  • Outdoor irrigation is prohibited until May 31, 2022. Spot watering by hand is exempt.
  • The refilling of a completely drained swimming pool and the initial filling of any swimming pool for which application for a building permit was made after December 1, 2021, will not be allowed.
  • Covers are required for all pools and spas. Liquid pool covers are acceptable. 
  • Do not wash vehicles at home. Use a carwash that recycles water instead.
  • Do not power wash homes or businesses.
  • Do not wash driveways or sidewalks.
  • Do not waste water. Flooding gutters is prohibited.
  • Leaks must be fixed within 48 hours of being discovered.
  • Garden hoses must have a shutoff nozzle.
  • Golf course irrigation is restricted to greens and tees.
  • Do not water grass on public medians.
  • Do not use potable water for dust control, compaction, sewer flushing or street cleaning.
  • Do not refill or top off decorative fountains.

(Note: Recycled water for irrigation is exempt) 

Education and Enforcement

The district is focused primarily on education to help the community reduce water use and will rely on customers to follow the rules. However, not following the water use restrictions listed above will result in a written warning. The second violation will result in a $25 fine, and any subsequent violations will result in a $250 fine.


The district may grant exemptions or variances due to hardship, emergency conditions affecting health and safety, or to pursue an alternative means of compliance. For more information, call 415.945.1520. To request a variance, email with a detailed explanation as to the reason(s) you are requesting a variance.

Water Waste

If you see water waste, please let us know. You can report it using this online form, email, or call 415.945.1523. 

We find in most water waste cases, the person or business is unaware of the problem and appreciates a neighborly alert. You can download our printable notice and share it with your neighbor to remind them of the water use restrictions.

*Please Note: The USPS does not allow any flyer, letter, or document to be placed in mailboxes.