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Visiting Mt. Tam

Bon Tempe Reservoir view of Mt Tam

Our Mt. Tamalpais watershed is our primary source of water. It is also a thriving habitat for native plants and wildlife, and offers unique opportunities to enjoy nature in the heart of Marin County. The watershed includes reservoirs, waterfalls, redwood groves, and a beautiful network of roughly 150 miles of trails and watershed roads for hiking, walking, biking, horseback riding and fishing. No swimming or wading in the lakes please.

The watershed is open daily from 7 a.m. to sunset. During extreme fire conditions, such as Red Flag Warnings, the watershed will be closed for public safety.

Everyone is welcome, and we ask that you respect the watershed and respect each other. Learn more about how we can share the watershed by watching this Slow and Say Hello video.

If you have any questions about our watershed rules, please review our Land Use Regulations.