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California’s first municipal water district, Marin Water was formed in 1912, and has grown to serve 191,000 people in central and southern Marin County. With 75% of our water sourced locally – from the Mount Tamalpais Watershed and the hills of west Marin – the District’s fingerprint is unique. We maintain water supply infrastructure, including more than 900 miles of pipelines and three water treatment plants, but we also have important stewardship responsibilities for more than 22,000 acres of watershed lands. Explore the resources on this page or reach out to us for more information about the work of the District.

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Strategic Water Supply Roadmap – Severe conditions brought on by the drought over the past several years have intensified the District’s focus on strengthening the reliability of its water supply. Starting in February 2022, the District’s Strategic Water Supply Assessment evaluated the District’s current baseline water supply in the context of climate-change-driven droughts and the impact of potential future water management alternatives that could improve the District’s long term water supply resiliency. This yearlong effort helped the District prioritize which options to pursue as part of an integrated Roadmap.  

Watershed Recreation Management Plan – In an effort to support the diverse range of visitors coming to the Mount Tamalpais Watershed, and to help protect water quality and natural resource, Marin Water has initiated a recreation management planning process.

Watershed Resiliency – Through detailed planning, comprehensive training and robust vegetation management and forest restoration efforts, Marin Water works year-round to minimize the impacts of potential wildfires and maximize ecological health on our watershed lands.

2023 Rate Setting process – On may 16, 2023, the Marin Water Board of Directors approved a new schedule of changes to customer water rates, fees and charges covering the next four fiscal years. The new rates took effect July 1, 2023, and will first be reflected on customer bimonthly billings issued in September and October. The impact of the increase on individual customer bills varies and is dependent on the size of each customer’s meter and the amount of water used in a two-month period.