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Volunteer Opportunities

Illustrations of a shovel and plant, a bee and magnifying glass, an X marked trail, a mountain and bird, a boot and garbage can, and binoculars with a frog. The text reads "VOLUNTEER & STEWARDSHIP".

Marin Water’s 19,800 acres of Mount Tamalpais watershed lands source the majority of the District’s water supply and support the region’s rich biodiversity. As stewards of the Mount Tamalpais Watershed, it is our duty to protect and manage these lands for the long-term benefit of the community and the environment. Our volunteer program provides opportunities for the community to contribute to preserving our water supply, protecting biodiversity and caring for our shared natural resources. From improving trails, restoring habitat, and protecting endangered species, we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to match your skills, interests and availability. 

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Explore the options below and find out how you can get involved: