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Volunteer Programs

A collage of 5 images showing volunteers carrying wood, engaging in learning activities, pulling invasive broom, observing wildlife and performing trail work

Marin Water is all about connecting people to nature and their water source – the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed. Mt. Tam is home to more than 1,000 types of plants, over 300 species of lichen and 400 kinds of animals, including 80 rare, threatened and endangered species. We welcome you to join us for a variety of opportunities to help to preserve these watershed lands, maintain water quality, protect biodiversity and care for our shared natural resources.

Restore sensitive habitat

Habitat Restoration

Learn about Marin’s unique plant and animal life, while helping to remove invasive weeds and plant natives to restore sensitive habitat. These restoration events typically take place one or two times a month throughout the rainy season, while the ground is soft.
Family-friendly activity for all ages

Be a community scientist

Tamalpais Bee Lab

Help us gain a better understanding of our native bees so we can protect the pollinators and the public lands that support them. Volunteering with One Tam for a bee survey generally involves visiting a designated site, searching for bees or nests, and documenting with photographs and other data.
Ages 13 and older

Turtle Observers

Monitor and record behavior of native western pond turtles, a vulnerable species and California’s only freshwater turtle. Once you complete the February training, you have the choice to visit several locations at any time you want during the spring to participate.
Family-friendly activity for all ages

Frog Docents

Take meaningful action to protect the foothill yellow-legged frog, a species of concern only found in isolated ranges of California. Encourage visitors to practice good behavior by showing them the frogs near their breeding habitat. Once you have completed a March training, shadow a seasoned docent or staff member and then venture on your own through spring.
Ages 18 and older

Marin Wildlife Watch

Gain animal identification skills and get glimpses into the daily lives of wildlife you wouldn't otherwise see. One Tam partner agencies are using motion-activated cameras to study mammals on public lands around Mt Tamalpais. After training, volunteers work from home to catalog the images.
High school ages and older

Steward trails

Trail Crew

Roll up your sleeves to maintain and improve Mt. Tam’s trail network and enhance natural habitat. Help us install and repair bridges, fences and stairs; improve drainage, erosion control and tread; and cut back vegetation along trails.
High school ages and older

Litter Abatement

Get some fresh air while helping to keep the watershed clean. Removing trash from high-use areas along waterways and trails encourages "leave no trace" and protects wildlife. After completing a 20-minute orientation, you may hunt for litter on your own schedule.
Suitable for individuals or small groups, ages 8 and older

Engage with your community

Watershed Ambassadors

Marin Water collaborates with One Tam and partners like Slow & Say Hello to share updates and lead activities about programs and events. Staff and volunteer ambassadors are stationed at various locations on and off the mountain to serve and engage our community. Watershed Ambassadors receive public outreach training which includes communication strategies, developing outreach goals, utilizing the Tam Van and resources on timely topics.
Ages 18 and older

Library Story Time

Find us at various Marin libraries for nature-related storybook readings and other activities and to learn more about the flora and fauna of the Mt. Tam Watershed.

Naturalist Hikes

Explore the watershed’s unique biodiversity and water resources by accompanying staff and seasoned docents for guided naturalist hikes and outings.

Other ways to support the watershed

One Tam - one mountain, one team

The One Tam partnership mobilizes the resources of Marin Water, the National Park Service, California State Parks, Marin County Parks and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to ensure a vibrant future for Mt. Tamalpais. Our collective efforts are guided by science and powered by community stewardship. Through participating in hands-on service programs and research projects, volunteers of all ages help protect the long-term health of the mountain, deepen their connection to the watershed and cultivate a lifelong ethic of stewardship. Find out how you can support the One Tam collaborative at

Mt. Tamalpais Watershed Fund

Marin Water created the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed Fund in 1996 to give watershed visitors the opportunity to help protect the mountain through a tax-deductible donation. Projects supported by donations to the fund are conducted with sensitivity to community concerns. Marin Water customers also have the option of making a donation to the fund on their water bills. Online donations can be made through the Marin Community Foundation’s website or by mailing a check to Marin Community Foundation, Attn: Mt. Tamalpais Watershed Fund, 5 Hamilton Landing, Suite 200, Novato, CA 94949. For more information, please call the Marin Community Foundation at 415.464.2500.


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