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Customer Resource Library

Various overlapping Marin Water brochures

Download and print our water efficiency program brochures, flyers, or other published documents. Many of these publications, as well as others such as the Practical Plumbing handbook and Soil Matters magazine, are available as hard-copies and may be picked up for free during business hours (M-Th, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) at our main office in Corte Madera.

Thumbnail image of How to be a Leak Detective brochure
How to be a Leak Detective brochure

Follow this guide to determine if there is a leak lurking inside or outside your home. 

Thumbnail image of How to Read Your Meter brochure
How to Read Your Meter brochure

Learn how to read your water meter to monitor your water use and uncover hidden leaks.

Thumbnail image of Conservation Assistance Program brochure
Conservation Assistance Program brochure

Find out about free on-site consultations for homes, business and large landscapes. 

Thumbnail image of Offers and Rebates brochure
Offers & Rebates brochure

Save water and money with Marin Water rebates. 

Chart shows potential water savings with switch to high-efficiency water fixtures.
Water-Savings Potential flyer

Compare normal water use with potential water savings through home upgrades. 

Thumbnail image of Watershed Approach to Landscaping guide
Watershed Approach to Landscaping handbook

Explore a handbook that includes how-to, design info and plant selection guidance. 

Thumbnail image of Do it Yourself Water Survey document
Do it Yourself: Home Water Survey packet

Survey your home for water saving opportunities using this activity guide. 

Thumbnail image of Backflow Protection for Irrigation systems brochure
Backflow Protection for Irrigation Systems brochure

Learn how backflow preventers protect your drinking water from irrigation contamination. 

Thumbnail image of Carwashes That Use Recycled/Reused Water flyer
Carwashes That Use Recycled Water flyer

Review a list of local carwashes that receive recycled water or use on-site reclamation.

Thumbnail image of Drinking Water Upon Request table tent
Restaurants: Drinking Water Upon Request table tent

Notify customers that your restaurant serves drinking water only upon request.

Thumbnail image of Linens Upon Request card
Hospitality: Linen Laundering Upon Request card

Offer the option to decline daily laundering of linens and towels for hotels and other lodging.