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Business Water Savings Guidance


No Water Wasted: At Your Business


Conservation Assistance Program

Water use varies greatly from business to business. Our water efficiency experts can work with you to find water savings based on your unique needs. Together we can help make your operations more water-efficient, reducing your water bill, improving your bottom line and conserving our precious water resources.

The on-site visit includes:

  • Guidance on reading your meter and how to check for leaks
  • An evaluation of fixtures, appliances, and water-use patterns
  • A review of your irrigation scheduling
  • Information about water-efficiency technologies that may be appropriate for your business

You’ll also receive a customized water-use history report that can help you understand your water bill. 

The consultations take about an hour, depending on the size of the site.

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Industry-Specific Resources

For Restaurants and Hospitality: Drinking Water and Linen Laundering Upon Request Signs

Under the District’s water conservation requirements, restaurants may serve drinking water only upon request, and hotels and other lodging establishments must offer customers the option to decline daily laundering of linens and towels. To help you get out the word to your customers, Marin Water offers free restaurant table tents and linen cards while supplies last. To place an order, please email

For Professional Landscapers

Add value to your services by providing clients with information on the most up to date water conservation practices and technologies. Marin Water can help. For more information, visit our WaterSmart Gardening Resource Center.

For Pool Operators/ Owners

Learn more about pool design considerations, improvements, and maintenance practices to help you save water while getting the most out of your pool with the EPA WaterSense publication Jump Into Pool Water Efficiency Guidance.

Detect a Water Leak

Tools to help you determine if you have a leak

If you know you have a leak, such as a dripping faucet, it is important to get it fixed promptly. Even a small leak can lead to a dramatic increase in water usage and have a big impact on your water bill. Some common leaks are not so obvious, such as within your toilet tank or irrigation system.

Suspect you might have a hidden leak? The good news is that many leaks are easy to fix – but first you have to find them.

Get to know your water meter – a trusted advisor in detecting leaks

Your water meter is an important conservation tool. It not only measures the water you use, but it can tell you if there is a leak.

Some commercial sites may have a single meter that supplies water for multiple businesses. Private sub-meters can help distinguish how much water individual businesses use and often have low-flow indicators that show when water is passing through the meter.

Learn how to read your meter to carefully monitor changes in your water use. If you need help finding the exact location of your water meter, contact the Engineering Records Department at 415.945.1530.

Track and reduce your water use

For customers in the District’s Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI) pilot program, don’t forget you can register with EyeOnWater for online access to monitor water use and setup leak alerts.

Request a billing adjustment for loss of water

If you discover a leak and repair it promptly, you may be eligible to request a billing adjustment for loss of water.

Leaks at your property or in the street

Your water service begins at your water meter. A service line, or pipe, runs from the water main in your street to your property via your water meter. The service line leading to your property is owned and maintained by Marin Water, as is the water meter. The pipe that runs from the meter to your property belongs to you and is your responsibility.