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Lagunitas Creek Watershed Enhancement

ProjectLagunitas Creek Watershed Enhancement  
ProgramA1F06 Reimbursable ‐ Split Grant Funding 
Project NumberGC21001
ContactShaun Horne | 
Map of Taylor Park Rd, Olema, and Shoreline Hwy
Typical riffle pool wood structure plan view

Project Description 

This project is meant to improve spawning habitat for protected and endangered aquatic species within Lagunitas Creek. It includes 13 restoration sites comprising nearly a mile of channel improvements via the placement of more than 270 logs and about 11,000 tons of gravel below Peters Dam on Kent Lake. Meant to mimic natural habitats, this multi-year project promises to enhance an important coldwater spawning and rearing site for key protected species, such as endangered coho salmon, and protected steelhead trout and California freshwater shrimp. The first phase of this creek restoration program – the Lagunitas Creek Coho Enhancement Project – is expected to start in the summer of 2024, and includes restoration work at six sites along the creek.

Our Role

The District’s ongoing fisheries monitoring and restoration work is guided by the District’s Lagunitas Creek Stewardship Plan (LCSP), which is a requirement of SWRCB WR95-17. In an effort to enhance watershed resiliency, and meet the stewardship goals of SWRCB WR95-17 the District is interested in continuing to implement instream restoration work along Lagunitas Creek to improve instream habitat for Coho Salmon, steelhead trout and freshwater shrimp.


Habitat enhancement will work to restore physical processes that support endangered and threatened species within Lagunitas Creek. This work also benefits the overall health of the Mount Tamalpais Watershed, where we source the majority of the fresh water produced for our customers. 

Schedule and Status

Design: Summer 2020 - Spring/Summer 2026

Construction: Summer/Fall 2024 - Summer 2030

Funding Sources 

Capital Maintenance Fund*
CDFW grant fundingDWR grant fundingU.S. Bureau of Reclamation Grant

*Project contingent on identifying other grant funding. Other grant funding will require Capital Maintenance Fund match to be determined.