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Construction Updates

Marin Water Worker with Mt. Tam in the background

Marin Water is proud of its rich history as California’s first municipal water district, established in 1912. With that distinction, comes the responsibility to address aging infrastructure. Many of the district's pipelines are more than 100 years old. The Capital Improvement Program responsibly replaces aging pipelines with pipes that better withstand earthquakes and have greater overall reliability. For any construction project questions, please contact the Engineering Division at 415.945.1560.


Active Construction Projects

East Blithedale Pipeline Replacement 

Marin Water will replace pipeline along East Blithedale Ave. in Mill Valley. The project is anticipated to begin in late march or early April with a completion date anticipated for September 2022. The project will start at Millwood Street and progress east towards Camino Alto. In an effort to streamline construction activity and minimize associated impacts to the surrounding community and motorists, this project is being implemented in concurrent coordination with the City of Mill Valley’s Street Rehabilitation Project.

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San Rafael 3rd Street Pipeline Replacement 

This project will eventually replace about 6,570 linear feet of pipe, as well as 54 water service laterals on 3rd Street from San Rafael High School to Hayes Street. The project replaces 6-inch pipe that is nearly 100 years old. Marin Water will work in conjunction with the City of San Rafael's 3rd Street Rehabilitation Project in order to minimize impacts to residents and shorten the project schedule.

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Pine Mountain Tunnel Tank Replacement (project delayed)

Marin Water is replacing use of the Pine Mountain Tunnel water storage facility on the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed with new tanks constructed along the upslope (west) side of Concrete Pipe Road near its intersection with Bolinas Road and Sky Oaks Road. Phase one of this multi-year project will run approximately August 2022 to January 2024 and will include site grading and installation of a retaining wall. 

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San Geronimo Treatment Plant Emergency Generator Project

The District is installing sets of permanent emergency generators at the San Geronimo Treatment Plant. The process includes grading, drainage, concrete slab work and the construction of a retaining wall. The project will ensure the San Geronimo Treatment Plant can continue to treat and deliver water in cases of PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs, as well as other unforeseen power outages. 

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Barber Avenue Pipeline Project

Marin Water will install 440 feet of 6-inch water pipe along Barber Avenue, between Prospect Avenue and VA-0916. The new, more seismically sound pipeline replaces aging, leak-prone 6-inch galvanized threaded pipe that was originally installed in 1902. The District’s work is in coordination with the town of San Anselmo’s road paving project. 

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Monterey Avenue Pipeline Replacement Project

As part of the Marin Fire Flow Program, Marin Water is replacing a series of water pipelines in portions of San Anselmo and the county of Marin. The work replaces pipelines that were installed as early as 1895, with larger, more seismically stable pipelines that will bolster fire departments’ efforts to combat fires in these areas. 

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Ridge Road - Fire Flow Pipeline Replacement Project

As part of the Marin Fire Flow Program, Marin Water is replacing a series of water pipelines on Lagoon View Drive, Mountain View Drive and beneath all of Ridge Road in the Town of Tiburon. This not only replaces pipelines with higher capacity lines, but also installs new hydrants in areas requested by the local fire department. 

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