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Fire & Fuels Management

Construction Update

Guided by the District's Biodiversity, Fire and Fuels Integrated Plan, which was adopted in 2019, the District continues to implement critical vegetation management activities, which not only reduce the risk of intense wildfire activity, but also serve to enhance the Mount Tamalpais Watershed ecosystem by removing invasive plant species. The District does not use pesticides, instead employing everything from hand crews to goats to preserve defensible space, reduce invasive species and enhance biodiversity.  Learn more

Mt. Tam Watershed Key to Water Quality, Delivery

Marin Water provides safe, reliable, local drinking water to 191,000 community members spanning 10 towns and cities in a 147-square-mile section of central and southern Marin County. And 75% of that water is sourced from the Mount Tamalpais Watershed and the hills of west Marin. Maintaining a healthy watershed, and pristine reservoirs is the foundation of Marin Water's ability to deliver fresh drinking water daily to our customers. 

ProjectFire & Fuels Management 
ProgramA1E07 Watershed ‐ Natural Capital and Green Infrastructure 
Project NumberD22008
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Map displaying 2021 Vegetation Management Work Areas, 2020 Vegetation Management Work Areas, 2022-2025 Forest Health Work Areas, MMWD Watershed, and Other Public Lands
Worker and equipment in wooded area

Project Description 

In October of 2019, the District adopted the Biodiversity, Fire, and Fuels Integrated Plan (BFFIP) which describes the actions the District will implement to reduce wildfire hazards and to maintain and enhance ecosystem function. Under the BFFIP there are 27 management actions that are being implemented to fulfill the goals and approaches described in the plan. 


Vegetation management under the BFFIP aims to reduce hazardous fuel loads, restore forests, maintain fuelbreak infrastructure, preserve defensible space, reintroduce prescribed fire, reduce invasive weed species and enhance biodiversity. 

Schedule and Status

Ongoing capital program

Expenditure Schedule and Funding Sources*

Funding Source
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FY 22 
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FY 25 - 30
Capital Maintenance Fund
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*This budget does not include additional ongoing annual Operations funding.