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East Blithedale Ave Pipeline Replacement Project

Construction Update

Marin Water is currently replacing nearly 1 mile of 100-year-old pipe with a new pipeline along East Blithedale Ave. in Mill Valley. The project remains on schedule for completion in September 2022.

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To streamline construction activity and minimize impacts to the surrounding community, Marin Water will coordinate with the City of Mill Valley and its contractor as the city implements its Street Rehabilitation Project along the same corridor. Before work commences in front of any homes or businesses, the contractor will provide door-to-door notification to impacted community members with helpful information about the work and detours. Thank you for your continued patience as we work diligently towards completing this important drinking water system upgrade! 

Project Update (Aug. 12, 2022)

Marin Water’s work is occurring between Millwood Street and Camino Avenue. Construction crews will be performing water main connections and water service installations within this area through August and then will perform final miscellaneous work to complete the project. To accommodate the start of the school year at Park Elementary and to facilitate school drop-off, East Blithedale will remain open to vehicle traffic until 9 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 18 and Friday, Aug. 19.

Project Schedule & Road Safety During Construction

  • Construction will occur Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Note: Setup/ cleanup activities may occur outside of this timeframe. East Blithedale Avenue will be open outside of these construction working hours AND will be open on the weekends.
  • The District will work with the project contractor, Maggiora & Ghilotti, to take all measures possible to minimize inconveniences associated with this project, including noise and traffic delays, however, motorists should follow traffic control signs, reduce vehicle speeds in construction zones, and allow for extra time on the weekday commute as heavy equipment and construction personnel will be on the roadway.
  • Motorists are advised to use alternative routes – including Tamalpais Junction, Miller Avenue, and Camino Alto – and combine vehicle trips and errands to reduce traffic congestion, when possible.

Potential Water Service Impacts

Water service may be interrupted for short periods of time during construction for properties near the construction area. If so, Marin Water will notify occupants of impacted properties 24 to 48 hours in advance of the interruption by hanging a notice on your front gate or front door. If a medical condition exists which requires that you receive continuous water service, please notify Marin Water at the contact information listed below as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Marin Water Pipeline Replacement Project:
  • Phone: Marin Water Construction Management team, 415-945-1560
City of Mill Valley’s East Blithedale Street Rehabilitation Project:

Maintaining Infrastructure is Top Priority

Marin Water provides safe, reliable, local drinking water to 191,000 customers spanning ten towns and cities in a 147-square-mile area of the county. Updating Marin Water’s aging infrastructure, such as the 100-year old E. Blithedale pipeline, is critical to ensuring the reliability and resiliency of the district's water service delivery system for many years to come. 


Project East Blithedale Ave Pipeline Replacement Project 
Program A1A02A Replacements - Distribution Pipelines 
Project Number D20021
Contact Zak Talbott | 
Map of pipeline location along East Blithedale Avenue
Traffic cones along the center of East Blithedale Avenue

Project Description 

Install 4,400 feet of 8-inch Welded Steel and PVC pipe to replace 8-inch cast iron pipe installed in 1921 on Blithedale Avenue between Millwood Street and Camino Alto in the Town of Mill Valley. 


This project will replace leak prone piping installed as early as 1921 with new seismically resilient pipeline ahead of the City of Mill Valley’s street overlay project.   

Schedule and Status

Design: Summer 2019 - Spring 2022

Construction: Spring 2022 - Summer 2022

Expenditure Schedule

Actuals Through 
FY 21 
FY 22 
FY 23 

Funding Sources 

Capital Maintenance Fund 
Other Funding Sources