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Courtright Systems Improvement Program

Construction Update

Work has commenced on Courtright system improvements that will enable the District to permanently decommission and eventually remove the 49-year-old Courtright Tank in the Bret Harte Road area. The work is scheduled to take a couple of months, and involves the installation of 520 feet of 8-inch pipeline, as well as a new pressure regulator valve. 

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The Courtright Systems Improvement Program is the latest example of the District’s work to replace, decommission or upgrade redwood water tanks. This tank is one of just six leak-prone redwood tanks remaining, out of a total of 130 tanks throughout the District’s service area. 

Project Schedule & Road Safety During Construction

  • Construction will take place 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Note: Setup and cleanup activities may occur outside of this timeframe.
  • Marin Water and its contractor, D&D Pipelines, 415-482-6510, will take all measures possible to minimize inconveniences associated with the project, including efforts to limit noise and traffic delays.
  • Please be aware of heavy equipment and construction personnel on the roadway, reduce your speed and follow relevant traffic control signs at all times.

Potential Water Service Impacts

Water service may be interrupted for short periods during construction. Residents will be notified prior to service interruptions. If the interruption will last a full day, Marin Water will provide 24-48 hours notice to customers via a hanging tag on a gate or doorway. If a medical condition exists which requires that you receive continuous water service, please notify us at the number below as soon as possible.

Contact Information

  • Phone: Marin Water Construction Management team, 415-945-1560

Maintaining Infrastructure is Top Priority

Marin Water provides safe, reliable, local drinking water to 191,000 residents spanning 10 towns and cities in a 147-square-mile section of central and southern Marin County. Updating the District’s aging infrastructure, including leak-prone redwood water tanks, is critical to ensuring the reliability and resiliency of the district's water service delivery system for many years to come. 


ProjectCourtright System Improvement 
ProgramA1A11 Replacements - Storage Tanks 
Project NumberD22009
ContactMark Kasraie | 
Map of Courtright Tank location near Bret Harte Rd Brushwood Ln and Southern Heights Blvd
Redwood water storage tank

Project Description 

Installation of a pressure regulator station and piping improvements. This project will join the Courtright system with the Bret Harte system with a pressure regulator and remove the seismically deficient redwood tank as part of the redwood tank replacement program. 


The benefit of this project is to improve seismic resiliency of the Courtright System by removing an old leaking redwood storage tank and installing a pressure regulator to provide safe water pressure to customers. 

Schedule and Status

Planning: Spring 2021 - Summer 2021

Design: Summer 2021 - Summer 2022

Construction: Summer 2022 - Fall 2022

Expenditure Schedule

Actuals Through
FY 22 (Rounded)
FY 23 

Funding Sources 

Capital Maintenance Fund 
Other Funding Sources