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Water-Use Efficiency

No Water Wasted

Using water wisely helps ensure our future water supply security. Rainfall in late 2021 replenished our local reservoirs, but there’s no way to know for sure what rainfall amounts will look like in years to come. It’s probable that severe dry conditions will recur, continuing to threaten our water supply. Therefore, we encourage our customers to eliminate water waste wherever possible and help preserve this precious resource. We have programs, education, and cost-effective ways to help you. Explore information on this page or reach us at or 415.945.1520. 






Review Rules & Supply Data 

Ongoing Water Use Rules, Local Water Supply, Customer Water-Savings Tracker


Water Rules

Ongoing water rules are in effect to eliminate water waste throughout Marin, year-round.


Water Supply

Learn more about our water supply, local reservoir levels, and recent rainfall amounts.


Water Savings Tracker

See how customer water-saving efforts are doing cumulatively across the service area.



Ensure No Water is Wasted

Water Efficiency Tips, Programs, Incentives, Resources



Home Water Savings

Improve your home's water efficiency, get rebates and troubleshoot high bills. 

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Business Water Savings 

Eliminate water waste and find ways to lower costs at your business site.

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Rebates and Incentives

Take advantage of our rebates and incentives to help reduce water waste.

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WaterSmart Gardening Resource Center

The greatest water savings can be achieved outdoors - explore our gardening resource center.

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Learn & Connect with Experts

Community & Classroom Engagement

Events & Webinars

Marin Water is pleased to host or attend several upcoming virtual and in-person events to help customers with home outdoor water-savings.

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Student Programs

Invite us to your classroom to teach students about their local water system and the importance of conservation (for grades 3-12).

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Resources Library

Need prints of one of our water efficiency program brochures, flyers, or other published documents? Download to print those here.

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Submit Landscape Plans for Review

Landscape Plan Review



Submit Your Plans

Designing a landscape or installing an irrigation system? Ensure you meet our conservation requirements.


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Lawn Guidelines (Commercial Areas)

District water may not be used to irrigate any new ornamental lawn in commercial and municipal landscapes. 


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