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Dealing with Drought Conditions

Alpine low water level

Marin is in a Severe Drought: Save Water

With reservoir levels at historic lows, Marin Water’s board of directors declared a water shortage emergency and adopted mandatory water use restrictions. The goal of the restrictions is to achieve a 40 percent reduction in water use districtwide.

  • For a full list of restrictions and information about enforcement and variances, visit the Water Rules page.

Ways To Conserve

We’re here to help you save water with conservation tips, water-efficient fixtures, rebates and programs. Marin Water provides free phone consultations to help you find the conservation programs and rebates that work best for you. Contact us for an appointment, call 415.945.1523 or email


  • Replace your lawn with water-efficient landscaping. 
  • Sign up for our free sheet mulching program. 
  • Install a smart irrigation controller.
  • Install a pool cover to prevent evaporation.
  • Install a graywater system that reuses laundry water for
  • Install a rain barrel or cistern.
  • Drive your beautifully dirty car. A dirty car is a badge of
    honor during a drought.


  • Check for leaks and fix them promptly. 
  • Install a hot water recirculating device. 
  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Capture and reuse water from your shower. 
  • Do laundry and dishes only when you have a full load.

More Ways to Save

  • Install a Flume flow meter and access real-time water
    usage data on your phone or computer. It’s easy to install
    and straps on to your existing water meter. 
  • We offer free water-efficient hose shutoff nozzles, faucet
    aerators and showerheads for our customers. Email us at



Marin Water staff is available to present information about the drought, conservation tips, and rebate and incentive programs at community groups, HOAs, and council meetings. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please email

See upcoming presentations, and recently completed presentations below:

Upcoming Presentations

  • 06-23: San Anselmo Public Library
  • 06-15: League of Women Voters
  • 07-08: City of Mill Valley
  • 07-13: AutoDesk
  • 09-16: Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club

Completed Presentations

  • 06-10: Town of Ross
  • 06-10: Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods
  • 06-09: ACWA
  • 06-09: Town Hall with Assemblymember Marc Levine
  • 06-05: Dominican/Black Canyon Neighborhood Association
  • 05-24: AAUW
  • 05-19: Town of Tiburon
  • 05-20: Marin Villages
  • 05-20: Drought Town Hall with Senator Mike McGuire
  • 05-18: Marin County Board of Supervisors
  • 05-18: Sustainable Mill Valley
  • 05-12: The Tamalpais
  • 05-11: Del Mar HOA
  • 05-10: Belvedere City Council
  • 05-07: North Bay Watershed Association
  • 05-06: Marin Coalition
  • 05-05: Larkspur City Council
  • 05-05: Tiburon-Belvedere Rotary
  • 05-05: Marin Conservation League
  • 04-28: Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers
  • 04-28: San Anselmo Town Council
  • 04-27: San Rafael Harbor Rotary
  • 04-27: Marin Sunrise Rotary
  • 04-26: Marin County Parks
  • 04-22: Kent Woodlands Property Owners Association
  • 04-22: Tiburon Sunset Rotary
  • 04-21: Ross Valley Rotary
  • 04-19: Rotary of San Rafael
  • 04-15: Marin Conservation League 
  • 04-15: Marin County Office of Education
  • 04-07: City of Fairfax
  • 04-07: San Anselmo Chamber
  • 04-06: City of Corte Madera
  • 04-01: Mission San Rafael Rotary
  • 03-15: FireSAFE Marin
  • 03-15: City of San Rafael

Since Marin Water's board of directors first declared a drought in mid-February, the district has been included in over 200 pieces of news coverage by local, regional and international outlets. A list of coverage can be found below: