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Dam Safety Program

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Marin Water manages seven reservoirs to capture and store 75 percent of the water we supply to our customers. Our reservoirs include Phoenix, Lagunitas, Bon Tempe, Alpine and Kent on Mt. Tamalpais, and Nicasio and Soulajule in west Marin. Together, they hold 79,566 acre-feet of water, or about 30 billion gallons.

We have a comprehensive Dam Safety Program to ensure all of our dams and spillways are safe and functioning properly. This program includes three main components: monitoring, routine inspection and maintenance, and emergency preparedness and response planning. The district also works closely with state and federal regulators and local emergency response partners to ensure public safety.

  • Learn more about our Dam Safety Program here.
  • You can view our Division of Safety of Dams Inspection Reports here.
  • Inundation maps are available on DSOD's website located here.