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Project Information Form (PIF)

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Please use this Project Information Form (PIF) to apply for a new water service connection, or upgrade or relocate an existing water meter. If you have questions, please call our Engineering Services Department at 415.945.1530, or email

(This form is compatible with modern desktop and mobile browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.)


Applicant Information


Applicant Contact Information


Property Information


Project Information

Existing Improvements (Pre-project)

List all structures with water-using fixtures currently on the property.


Final Improvements (Post-project)

List all structures with water-using fixtures that will be on the property following completion of the project.


Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Complete this section if your project includes an ADU.


Fire Protection Information
Dedicated Fireline Connection Size


Water-Using Fixtures

Please provide information about your residential or commercial project water-using fixture demand. This will help Marin Water staff determine the minimum meter size. Complete the appropriate table or tables below.


Residential Fixtures

Residential Fixtures Number WSFU WSFU Total
1st Hose bib (aka spigot to connect a garden hose)
Total Residential WSFU

* Enter the maximum number of lawn sprinkler heads used at one time.


Commercial Fixtures

Commercial Fixtures Number WSFU WSFU Total
Hose bib (aka spigot to connect a garden hose)
Total Commercial WSFU


Landscape Irrigation

Applies to previously unplanted area without an existing irrigation system.
Applies to changes made to an existing planted area with an existing irrigation system.


Cross-Connection Control: Backflow Prevention

Please be advised a Cross-Connection Survey (inspection) will be conducted at this service address to assess potential hazards to the public and internal drinking water systems. Installation of a testable backflow preventer may be required.

The following items must be considered when designing water systems:

  • Backflow Prevention will affect water and fire protection system(s) pressure.
  • Backflow prevention is required for all irrigation systems at the point of connection. NOT AT THE METER.
  • Other hazards such as radiant heat, swimming pools, and water fountains require Backflow Prevention at the supply line.
  • Backflow Prevention installed at the meter requires the installation of a thermal expansion tank.

If you would like a designated survey date and time, please call 415.945.1488 to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, please select a day of the week and appointment window below. 

Appointment Window


Contractor Contact Information
Contractor Address


Are the following water fixtures or features installed, or will be installed?*

Water Fixture or Feature Yes No
Water Fixture or Feature Yes No
Fireline Service Per Marin Municipal Water District Code
I declare under penalty of perjury that all statements herein are true and correct. I understand that a cross-connection survey (site visit) may be performed at the above service address and that backflow prevention requirements may be imposed at any time commensurate with the degree of hazard established by state and municipal laws, regulations, and codes.