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Community Meeting

Virtual Community Workshop #1: Water Supply Strategic Assessment


Post-Meeting Materials

Thank you to all attendees who joined the March 9th workshop! If you missed the meeting, catch up here:

Learn more about the Strategic Water Supply Assessment on the project webpage: 


Note: This community workshop will be noticed as a special meeting to allow three or more Marin Water Board of Directors to attend. 

How to Join the Workshop:

Meeting Agenda

View meeting agenda here.

About the Water Supply Strategic Assessment:

The impacts of climate change, including severe conditions brought on by the drought over the last several years, have intensified the district’s focus on expanding its water supply through new sources as well as strengthening existing systems to increase storage capacity and maximize supply, if and where possible. To further expedite this work, Marin Water has initiated an accelerated, five-month, strategic water supply assessment to evaluate various water supply projects that could supplement the district’s water needs in times of future shortages. The assessment builds on extensive previous planning efforts and will also explore potential new water supply options.

Participate in the Community Workshop to:

  • Learn more about Marin water's Strategic Water Supply Assessment and its purpose
  • Preview the potential water supply projects the assessment will evaluate and hear more about the decision-making process the district will use following the assessment
  • Ask Marin Water staff and consultant subject matter experts your questions about the process


Virtual Meeting

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