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Seasonal notice to customers regarding water taste and odor

Update from Water Quality Team - July 10, 2023

Occasionally, during the warmer months, some customers may experience a different taste or odor in their drinking water. Some describe the water as tasting and smelling earthy or musty. This temporary change is caused by naturally occurring compounds produced by algae growth which occurs in some areas of our reservoirs during sunnier times of the year.

These slight changes, which are common in lake/reservoir water, do not affect the safety of your water. Your water is properly treated and meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements.

For those who are more sensitive to taste and odor changes, chilling the water during these periods will help reduce the temporary change in taste or smell of your water.

For answers to additional questions or for more information, visit our water quality web page or you may also contact us by emailing or by calling 415.945.1550.